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from Santa Rosa to the Golden Gate! 

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What people are saying about Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water: 

"I signed up for Mayacamas Water at a fair, not sure what to expect. Linn and Josh have been the best! That
personal commitment to making sure I'm happy and get what I need is always there. I have used them in the workplace too and have been thrilled with the service and how Josh kept track for a busy me of what I might need and provided it. Josh, you are the best! I have used Alhambra prior and it was a billing and delivery disaster so this company has been a ray of sunshine in making things easy. I also feel good about the quality of water I am getting. As well, big business like Alhambra isn't the only game in town as companies like Mayacamas sprout and provide business with good conscience."
Jaimie V. (San Rafael)

 "I am pleased to write a very positive review regarding Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water and particularly about the owners Linn and Josh. Water may be the most important life enhancing component a human being can consume given primary make up. The quality of the water is equally important and all water is not created equal(ly). The water Mayacamas distributes is in it's natural virgin state and therefore has not been altered in any other way other than to minimally purify it. No additives or chemicals are used in the process of it's extraction. Rather, all important existing minerals are maintained which are essential life giving and enhancing as well as restorative hydration. Our family has increased it's consumption of water due to the more natural taste of Mayacamas water as well as to the presence of a dispenser the company has provided.
The company prides itself on consistent, timely, informative delivery via it's internet delivery date updates. It also communicates with it's customers in a very positive and respectful as well as professional way. We are grateful to have met Linn and Josh as they cost effectively provide a product of tangible value in a world which promotes obsolescence."
Mark L. (Ross)

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