The Mayacamas Story

Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water takes pride in being family owned and operated. 

The Mayacamas Mountain Range rests between the supple valleys of Napa, Sonoma and Lake Counties and is home to mixed evergreen forests filled with natural springs, creeks and winding slopes. Nestled in the heart of these forests, the purest and most abundant spring was discovered in the late 1800’s by the very same family that owns and operates the spring today.

The source of Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water is safe and pristine and is protected by both the unique volcanic geology of Cobb Mountain as well the sustainably focused stewardship that has been overseen by the same family for multiple generations.

It is from the Wappo language that the name “Mayacamas” derives and it is believed to have meant the “source of water” referring to the large geothermal aquifers that feed the springs and headwaters of creeks which flow into the Sonoma and Napa rivers. Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water is the best and purest water nature has to offer.

Our Filtering & Sanitization Process

Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water is forged directly from the spring without the use of a borehole (well) and is never exposed to any outside contanimants. It is pumped into a stainless steel water tanks and transported to the bottling facility in Cotati in Sonoma County.

The water is pumped out of tanks through a three stage filtering process removing any sediments, but leaving the naturally occurring and beneficial minerals in the water.

Micron Filtration: Filters are made up of five 2-ft long filters in a single canister that are designed to filter our 99.9% of all bacteria.

Ultra-violet Light: High intensity light kills any bacteria that might be present on caps and bottles.

Ozonation: This process acts as an aniseptic that kills any bacteria that might be present during the bottling process. This is required by all bottlers in the industry by the US Food and Drug Administration. 

Once entering the enclosed cleaning and bottling system, the bottles, which are BPA and BPS Free and Made in the USA are washed in a self-sealed cleaning system and then rinsed with our spring water.

The cleaning line and bottling line are in the same self-contained system, so the bottles are never exposed to any outside contaminants.

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