Why Spring Water?

Your brain is made up of 70% water

Did you know your brain is made up of 70% water? Healthy hydration is imperative for your long-term health and longevity. If you are using a filter for your ground or tap water, do you know what it’s filtering out, or more importantly, what it’s NOT filtering out? 

Pure, healthy and energizing

Spring water is characterized by its purity at source, its content of minerals and trace elements, and is often referred to as “living” water for its healthy and energizing effects.

Not all water is created equal

Not all water is created equal. Here are some facts that we know to be true in California. 

  • Every year, 200,000 Californians connected to small public water systems receive unsafe drinking water.
  • Approximately 300 public water systems in California are out of compliance with drinking water standards.
  • These systems struggle with pollutants like arsenic, nitrates, uranium, perchlorate, and lead.
  • Prolonged exposure to contaminated drinking water has proven to be harmful to human health and can lead to miscarriages, birth defects, development problems, and elevated cancer levels.

Source: safewaterforca.org

Consumer Reports tested

Mayacamas Water was one of the 130 water companies tested under Consumer Reports. “The report found that 11 of the 130 brands had detectable amounts of arsenic in them, making them potentially hazardous to drink over the long run.” We are happy to report that there are NO traces of arsenic in Mayacamas Water. You may be surprised to learn of some of the large water brands that were listed.

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